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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Today I've slept until 11'. It's weekend ;DD.. So, my best friend Jan has give a party because of his birthday. It was all in one great and I've had a lot of fun there. I've get it that, the time school began I have more to do than in holidays. So it's better going to school. If you work, you dont habe time for meeting friends. If you have holidays, no one had time for you. After school everyone has time and want to make something with you and its more better. Don't ever think about school is bad! It's great and I love go to school. I've told my parents again about my plan with the coffee shop. They told me crazy again.. It really makes me sad that they give me up that way... However. I hope you have fun at weekend :] & Thanks for reading my Blog x3 ________________________________________________ >>Feel Free To Comment! ♥
30.1.10 23:25

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