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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Today we've had edv - that means something on the computer. But my Teachers hasn't tell us anything about that he wouldn't be there today. So we can't go to school a little later because we were even there. But it made's a lot of fun for sitting in the cafeteria and chill out with friends. Later we're gonna work on computers, but my teacher had saw me and friends for beeing on sites who are not allowed. But she hasn't even told us for doing something. So we thaught we've had free time. But we're wrong... The last time of the day had been nice, too. Hope Sport will be nice tomorrow, too. Because I dont like it. ________________________________________________ >>Feel Free To Comment! ♥
26.1.10 20:56

Monday, January 25, 2010

Today was the first day school after during 6 weeks of practicing in a hairdresser.. The day was pretty good and I was wondering that my friends had miss me, too. And they did. It was a really good school day. :] The class was really easy today and it felt good for beeing in school after work. It's so much easier.. The teachers were nice, too :] [...] after school I have meet a friend 'Batti' he is a really nice guy and we have rived to mc donalds. So all in one, its nice to be a schoolkid. ________________________________________________ >>Feel Free To Comment! ♥
25.1.10 21:29

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tomorrow is my first day of school after about 6 weeks. My Classmates and me had to work and get some experience with that. Beeing a Hairstylist wasn't easy as I thaught about and it was really hard. I've missed my friends so much and I will enjoy the next day. This week my parents told me that my dream is stupid. Is it stupid to had a dream and follow it? My dream is had a coffee-shop. And my parents straight against it. I know that it could be difficult for having a coffee shop but it is my dream.. and how could dreams be stupid at all? Tomorrow I'm gonna take some Pictures from school, me and my friends. ______________________________________ >>Feel Free To Comment! ♥
24.1.10 15:37

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