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Monday, February 01, 2010

Monday was such a great day :] I've meet Jana ♥ It was so wonderfull to see her again ♥ I've had a lot of fun with her :] first she showed me her blond wig from ''wicky''.. I've wanted to buy me a brown wig, so I wanted to see how the wig from wicky looks like.. haha. My brother has put the wig on his had, and he has look like a little girl :D... How cute :3 ... After that we drived with her car to hildesheim, the town were wicky is and i have found a wig :] first the wig looks a little creepy.. but now i have edithed the wig with a straghtener and the wig looks great. I want to cut the wig, and make some curls in there. [...] So we've make a shopping tour and go to coffee and beans :] ♥ The coffee there had tastes good and all in one I've had a great time with jana ♥ i love you :] ♥ ________________________________________________ >>Feel Free To Comment! ♥
3.2.10 13:27

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Jana (4.2.10 16:17)
i love you too <3

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